Red Yeast Rice + Odor-free Garlic

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Boost your immune system and arterial health like never before. Unlock the secret to a healthier heart with Blueprint Bryan Johnson's Red Yeast Rice + Odor Free Garlic Supplement. Crafted with precision and backed by science, this revolutionary formula combines the power of Red Yeast Rice and Odor Free Garlic extract.

Our premium Red Yeast Rice boasts a potent 2% Monacolin K content, meticulously selected to help you maintain healthy cholesterol levels naturally. By incorporating this ancient Chinese remedy into your daily routine, you're taking proactive steps towards a heart-healthy lifestyle. We've also harnessed the incredible benefits of Garlic extract, concentrated at a potent 12:1 ratio, to deliver all the goodness of garlic without the pungent odor. Say goodbye to garlic breath while reaping the rewards for your arteries and liver organs. Garlic has long been revered for its cardiovascular support properties, and now you can experience its full potential without any inconvenience.

What sets Blueprint Bryan Johnson apart is our commitment to quality and efficacy. Each capsule contains clinical trial equivalent doses of these powerhouse ingredients, ensuring you get the optimal dosage for maximum results. It's like having a personalized health protocol in a convenient, easy-to-swallow form. 

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  • Maintain Healthy Cholesterol Levels: Blueprint Bryan Johnson's Red Yeast Rice is enriched with 2% Monacolin K, a natural compound known for its ability to regulate cholesterol levels. By incorporating this potent ingredient into your daily regimen, you're proactively maintaining optimal cholesterol balance, supporting cardiovascular health, and reducing the risk of heart-related issues. This scientifically formulated supplement provides a safe and effective way to manage cholesterol levels without the need for harsh chemicals or synthetic additives.
  • Benefits Without the Garlic Odor: Our innovative formula features Odor Free Garlic extract, concentrated at a potent 12:1 ratio. This means you can enjoy all the cardiovascular benefits of garlic without the unwanted odor commonly associated with it. Garlic has been celebrated for centuries for its ability to promote heart health, improve circulation, and support overall cardiovascular function. With our odorless garlic extract, you can harness the power of this potent herb discreetly and conveniently, without any concerns about garlic breath or lingering smells.
  • Targeted Arterial Support: Blueprint Bryan Johnson's Red Yeast Rice + Odor Free Garlic Supplement is specially formulated to provide targeted support for your arteries. By promoting arterial health and function, this powerful combination helps to maintain proper blood flow throughout your body, reducing the risk of cardiovascular complications such as hypertension, atherosclerosis, and heart disease. With regular use, you can promote a healthy cardiovascular system, ensuring that your arteries remain clear, flexible, and resilient.
  • Boost Liver Health: The effects of high cholesterol levels can place undue strain on the liver, compromising its function and increasing the risk of liver-related issues. Fortunately, our Red Yeast Rice and garlic formula supports healthy cholesterol levels and can promote healthy liver function which can support efficient metabolizing of fats and toxins. With Blueprint Bryan Johnson's Red Yeast Rice + Odor Free Garlic Supplement, you can enjoy comprehensive cardiovascular and liver support in one convenient formula.
  • Clinical Trial Equivalent Doses: When it comes to your health, precision and consistency are paramount. That's why each capsule of Blueprint Bryan Johnson's Red Yeast Rice + Odor Free Garlic Supplement contains clinical trial equivalent doses of the key ingredients. This ensures that you receive the optimal amount of Red Yeast Rice and Odor Free Garlic extract needed to achieve maximum effectiveness and results. Say goodbye to companies offering ineffective levels of ingredients. Backed by scientific research and formulated to the highest standards of quality and purity, our supplement provides peace of mind knowing that you're giving your body the support it deserves.

We invested 3 years and millions

Now It’s Yours

A team of 30+ medical professionals

Researched thousands of scientific papers

Developed a protocol

Implemented on Bryan Johnson

World-class biomarkers

The world’s best health protocol

Join Thousands of Others

Ingredients selected for frontline interventions:

  • Garlic extract 12:1 odorless

    May provide the benefits of garlic, without the odor, for artery and liver organs
    • Heart
    • Immune
    • Antioxidant
    • Anti-Inflammation
    • Cell Maintenance

We Rigorously Test. Others Don’t.

We ask our suppliers for their testing

Then we test the ingredients ourselves

...and then we test the final batch

Purity Verified

Lab Results

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Bryan Johnson’s Results

As the most measured person in history and a professional rejuvenation athlete, Bryan Johnson has achieved:

  • Inflammation 85% below average 18 year old
  • Top 1.5% cardiovascular capacity of 18 year olds
  • Pace of aging slower than 99% of 20 year olds
  • Top 0.5% whole body muscle & fat via MRI
  • Top 1% sleep performance & recovery


Gluten Free



No Artificial Ingredients.